Government & Public Affairs Counseling

Our principals and associates bring a vast working knowledge of, and relationships with, government decisionmakers at the local, state and federal levels. As lobbyists and strategists, we ensure that you are properly heard and seen in the appropriate government forums.

Professional Association Planning & Strategy

We work to ensure that your organization is properly prepared for issues as they develop, and properly aligned with like-minded organizations to ensure maximum public affairs impact.

Marketing & Public Relations

We provide full-service public and media relations representation, and will develop, coordinate and execute your marketing plans, from marketing materials to message development, to radio and TV advertising and event planning.

Litigation Public Relations

A new yet necessary discipline, LPR is a specialty area for DecisionMakers, Inc. We provide effective public relations efforts explaining, defending, and organizing your public image before, during and after litigation. But it takes talent to translate the often-confusing legal issues into relevant ideas for the court of public opinion. Our President, Todd Young, has extensive legal experience working with law firms and professional associations, and he holds a law degree.